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Exchange Old BeamARABIA box to new V3

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19.May, 2017 Comments Off on Exchange Old BeamARABIA box to new V3

Exchange Old BeamARABIA box to new V3

$149.00 AUD

This is only for existing BeamARABIA Customers with the older model BeamARABIA box. Please read the description for more information 


If you own the old model box of the BeamARABIA, we now have a new model which is called BeamV3 (the metal box).

This box has many improvements to the older versions – we have developed this box from the ground up to provide our customers with the best experience possible.

Here are some of the great new features and improvements:

1) Metal box – high quality hardware

2) Lightning WiFi – we are now using a Broadcomm Dual Band 5G WiFi chip – the new model features dual band 5GhZ / 2.4GhZ WiFi – the distance of WiFi has greatly improved, and the WiFi speed is much greater than ever before

3) OTA Firmware Updates – the new box receives automatic updates to the firmware (the same like your mobile phone gets new software updates – so does the new BeamARABIA Box). We send updates whenever needed, and they are always available for you to download easily

4) Better Remote Control & accessories – we have invested in a much higher quality remote control for the beamarabia box, it works from a greater distance

5) BeamARABIA Media Center – now provides arabic movies, arabic mosalsalat, english movies & english tv series, aussie catchup TV. The media center also receives updates

6) Better YouTube – youtube on the new BeamARABIA box is now designed for TV’s – its easier to use

7) BeamARABIA App store – we now have our own ‘app store’ on the box – we use this app store to provide you with apps that we think you will enjoy – plus updates to existing apps if ever required

8) Hassle-Free- If you ever have a problem with the box, or you lost some apps, you dont need to worry. You can simply perform a ‘factory reset’ which will bring the original media content back, and you will never lose any data. If you reset the new beamarabia box, you will never lose any apps or IPTV.

We want you to upgrade – so we are currently doing a limited time promotion.

We are currently offering to upgrade your old box to the new model for only $150 with free shipping (no swap over!) – you can keep the old box too!

You will get the full package, including HDMI cable, power cable, remote control & user manual.

Please note: your subscription from the old box will be transferred to the new box (you will NOT get extra 2 years when upgrading the box).

For example: if you have 8 months remaining in your subscription with your old box, we will transfer the 8 months subscription to the new box. And your old box will have NO subscription (you can use it for youtube etc)

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