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+2 Years Recharge

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27.Nov, 2015 Comments Off on +2 Years Recharge

+2 Years Recharge

$198.00 AUD



 (Existing Customers Only)

If your BeamARABIA subscription has expired and you wish to recharge, you will need to renew your subscription.

Here at BeamARABIA our number 1 priority is customer satisfaction and we do ensure that we provide the highest quality service.

The current recharge price is only $99 per year.

When you are paying for the recharge, please leave a “note” in the checkout with your devices ‘MAC Address’ (serial number).

Or, simply send us a photo of the message displayed on your screen.

(Once your subscription is finished, you will have your MAC ADDRESS pop up on your screen.)

The easiest way is to take a photo of this pop up, and send it to us via email).

Once you make the payment, we will re-activate your device.

By recharging, your service will be re-activated for another 24 months (2 years).

Please note: We sincerely apologise about the price rise. In the past, the recharge price was only $169 for 2 years (approx $85 per year) – we have now increased the price to $198 for 2 years (approx $100 per year). The reason for this is because of the higher costs involved in providing you with excellent service and a wider array of arabic channels. We have now grown to be Australia’s most reputable Arabic Tv box supplier – and we will not reduce the quality of service by cutting costs – Thanks for your understanding & thanks for choosing BeamARABIA.


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